About us & our mission 本公司簡介及宗旨

Rosa Securities Limited  (CE Number: AFP826) 羅沙證券有限公司

Unit 701 Nine Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong 香港中環皇后大道中九號七零一室

We are a well-established securities firm, since 1972,  operating office in Central.  Our mission is to provide reliable, honest, competitive and personalised securities trading services in stocks and derivatives trading at The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. (SEHK) in the greater China Region.


Being a conservative participant, we run our business with a tight credit policy, never take high risk, aiming at best protecting our customers' interests.  On the other hand, facing the challenges of the IT revolution, we of course will gear ourselves to that unlimited business highway.  We employed the MWS (Multi Work Station) system of AMS3 (Automated Matching System - Third Generation), developed by the SEHK, which probably is the most reliable trading platform in the industry.  



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