Forms :

Account Open Form - Cash Client (individual)    個人現金客戶開戶表格 (*)

Account Open Form - Margin Client (individual)  個人保證金客戶開戶表格 (*)

Settlement Instruction 交收指示

Physical scrip Withdrawal Form  現貨提單 (*)

Physical Scrip Deposit Form 現貨存單

Rights&Warrants Subscription Form股權股證供股書

Power of Attorney授權書

Account Information Change / Close Account / Hold Mail  客戶資料更新/結束帳戶/暫停郵寄

Standard Form of Transfer 轉讓書


Please fill in the required forms downloaded, fax to us at 25252442 and mail the original copy to us at your earliest convenience.  For account opening, please proceed to the nearest office and/or call 2525 8660 for outdoor appointments.   Besides you can also obtain these forms from our registered office.

請下載及填妥所須表格、傳真至2525 2442及寄回正本。開戶請親身前往就近辦公室或致電 2525 8660 預約戶外會面。上述表格亦可於本公司之辦公室索取。

(*) Please fill in and sign at our registered office 請於本公司之辦公室填寫及簽署。